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Where We Work
Ultimately, our goal is to spread God's love to anyone we can, wherever in the world we can. Because of that we have had projects in Costa Rica, Panama, and Japan. However, the epicenter of our ministry activities is Guatemala, and through the success there, opportunities have opened up to expand the work into Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Daybreak International’s main philosophy has been to go where virtually no one is interested in going, create a project that captures the imagination of Christians from other nations, and then raise up spirit gifted leaders from the targeted group. Along the way we partner with these leaders in the God-given dream of reaching their people in their way.

A Word from Cesar Gonzalez…Daybreak’s leader in Guatemala
Please accept my most heart-felt “thanks” for partnering with us in Guatemala. God has multiplied our influence in ways far beyond what I could have dreamed when I invited Steve to come visit my country in March of 2000. Many organizations with larger staffs and greater resources marvel at how God has multiplied our loaves and fishes into a ministry that touches hundreds of thousands of people in Guatemala.

Also, please know how strategic you can be as a North American Christian, partnering with us in Guatemala. No matter what your profession is, we can use your skills in a way to connect with people in Latin America. We have worked with doctors, dentists, coaches, clowns, plumbers, cooks, hair stylists, inventors, entrepreneurs, motorcycle fans, and even an occasional preacher or teacher! If God touches your heart about Guatemala, please call us. We have a place for you.

-- Cesar Gonzalez