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Upcoming Trips

When we look back, it's amazing to think of all that God has done through this relatively small ministry. We believe that God relentlessly pursues the lost, and we've been lucky enough to be a continuing part of God's plan to reach Central America. But, in case you're curious, here's a quick list of that shows some of the fun opportunities that we've had through the years:

  • "Traditional" Latin American Rodeos: we love connecting North American cowboys with Central American cowboys to partake in this fun tradition. Cowboys in Central America are a group that is often ignored by the local churches, but we feel that every person is valued by God, and that includes cowboys!
  • Jungle Hiking: the Jungles of Guatemala contain many people who have never heard about Jesus, because even roads ahve yet to reach them. So we strap on backpacks and hike into the Jungle to build relationships with them to share God's love for them. We're currently working with the Kekchi indigenous people group, and God is moving in mighty ways
  • Sports Clinics: we love working with kids, because we believe it's never too early to start a relationship with God. Sports clinics are a great way to have fun, share in common passions, serve people, and share the Good News of Christ.
  • Medical Clinics: meeting the physical needs of people is a great way to show people God's unconditional love for them. We provided exams and medications for things we were prepared to treat, all free of charge!
  • Optometry Clinics: we provided free eye exams and glasses to those that needed them. It was quite awesome to provide clear vision for people (some of which for the very first time!).