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In accordance with its founding, Daybreak International exists to share the love of Christ with anyone and everyone, both right down the street to all the way across the globe. One of Jesus' last statements on this earth tells us to go into all the world making disciples (Matthew 28:19), and we take that very literally. We don't do this because we feel any more qualified or spiritually superior, but rather because we believe with a passion that interactions between cultures is a beautiful panorama of how Heaven will be like, and in doing so God can use our willingness to serve in combination with our inadequacies to have an internal impact on people! In fact, in all of our trips, we partner with local leaders so that the ministry is sustainable. We want those that are reached by our actions to experience the true life change of a continuing relationship with God, however this is nearly impossible without having a community to lean on. So we most certainly want people to be connected to local believers in Christ.

We strongly believe that it doesn't take a "rock star" Christian to do mission work, but rather God does his best work through ordinary people like you and I. It also doesn't take rocket science, but rather just allowing the love of Jesus Christ to shine through our actions. We'd love for you to join in, so for more information keep browsing our website to get an idea of all the exciting things going on!